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atWar: strategické válečné hry online

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar je online strategická hra zdarma s nejlepší tradicí z Risk, Civilization and Axis & Allies. atWar je multiplayerová a prohlížečová hra bez nutného stahování.
atWar má unikátní volný pohyb jednotek, který není omezený předurčenými cestami v podobných hrách jako Risk, A&A a Civ V. Hra se odehrává v masivním měřítku až s 20 zapojenými hráči, tucty různých jednotek, herní politikou a diplomatickými možnostmi (válka, mír, aliance), Koalicemi (klany), Turnaji a mnohem více. Registrovat pomocí jednoduchého formuláře nahoře, nebo přes sociální média (Google, Twitter, Facebook, atd.) nebo Hraj jako host!

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That's right, the long awaited strategy update is finally here! And no this is not a mean April Fools joke such as Sid's mean marine update. Let's look at some of the mechanics and stats of these new units in order to help prepare for their implementation.

In general, all buildings:

  • Have 20 HP
  • Cost 700
  • Have 0 ATK
  • Have 1 DEF
  • Have 0 MP
  • Can only be built once per city

Now let's look at each individual unit:

Recruitment Center:

  • +3 reinforcements on recruitment week
  • The bonus applies to recurring recruitment weeks beginning after it's production, and not the turn 1


  • +1 Defense per unit in the city
  • Think about how the general works with a stack of units, same concept here (have fun cap rushing ya noobs!)

Radar Array:

  • +150 view range
  • Just a little under triple the view range of a sentry, could be quite useful for snuffing out stealth units

Anti-Aircraft Defenses:

  • +20 defense against air units

Coastal Battery:

  • +20 defense against naval units
  • This was formerly a rare unit, and is now produceable


  • -10 upkeep for every unit
  • This only applies to units produced in the city; so units produced in other cities will still remain normal priced

Some Important Info to Keep in Mind:

  • It's currently possible to build/find Coastal Battery in non-port cities, this is being worked on and will be fixed later EDIT by Dave: this issue is now fixed!
  • The impact of banks is not displayed in the "finances" tab, but it does add the correct amount to your funds each turn; will also be fixed later
  • This will be an option that can be turned on and off

I hope you all enjoy fiddling around with the new units, and stay tuned for a new strategy in conjunction with the new buildings

Giving out 50 protocoins to the first person to PM me with the name of the building in the image

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atWar tým

Amok - programování
Ivan - design, webová stránka
Clovis - programování
Dave - wearer of many hats
Brianwl - community relations and waffel advocate

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