Good new everybody! We have a new update for you, which implements some of the much-requested features. Here's the full list:

  • Peace on turn 1. All players now start in peace and automatically change to war on the next turn (unless new arrangements are made by the players). This also includes late-joiners, which can't attack and cannot be attacked on their first turn. This should prevent a lot of grief that comes from being instantly eliminated on turn 1 or being hit by a sneaky late-joiner. Of course, neutrals can still be attacked, so you can expand in other ways.

  • Skipping your turn in the country selection phase will now have consequences. Starting from the second timeout you will be losing 10% of the starting cash (each timeout). On the 5th timeout you're automatically kicked out. This should make starting games faster and prevent a situation where someone just sits there without selecting a country.

  • Player count added to the lobby rooms and game creation chat.

  • Players in the game creation screen now have their status displayed. 'Ready' button no longer spams the chat, but simply puts 'ready' status next to the player's name. Game creator has 'creator' status instead.

  • To change teams in the game creation screen you now need to click on the team name. The old 'join' button has been removed because things were getting messy with the newly introduced player status.

  • Lobby game list filter now has 'My games' - should be especially helpful in the Casual games room.

  • Additional tab added to the Players menu - 'SP pool'. It shows the game's combined SP pool (including SP of players that have already left/lost), as well as the amount of SP you would currently get if you win or lose.

  • Separate button added for detection range. View range button now only shows actual view range.

  • Last but not least: timer font has been changed! This should please some designer types suffering from a Comic Sans font allergy.

    Additionally, there are some slight Strategy tweaks discussed here.

    19.06 - CHANGES & FIXES

  • Game hosts can now put game start on hold in the country selection menu. Everybody still needs to select their countries, but the game won't start until the host unticks the checkbox. This addresses the need to wait for extra players in the country selection phase, especially in scenarios.

  • Country selection timeout penalty is now 5% of the starting money.

  • End game stats have been fixed; should now show up properly.

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    Získej Prémium pro odstranění všech reklam
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    14.09.2012 - 22:54
    Yeah, people moan ofc, but the admins are passionate and we are stepping in the right direction.
    28.01.2013 - 08:27
    Amok, is there any way to program it so people cannot WF your cap the first turn? idk the coding etc, but i do know that it can be quite the game changer on a game when 1st turn wf your countries capital
    -Freeland how cliche after every post.
    28.01.2013 - 14:14
    Thanks for necroing such an old post.
    29.01.2013 - 07:57
    Yeah, thats where i'm wondering if you select a country, can only that capital city be blocked from the WF. if all WF are blocked, your right this game becomes even more of a wall game. nah i'm only interested in coding that if you select a country, you cannot wf in a box made for the capital first turn. The box made for the cap ofc. I'm sure theres complications with locations, but just an idea.
    -Freeland how cliche after every post.
    01.02.2013 - 18:23
    Great updates
    02.02.2013 - 09:56
    Those updates are old...
    I dont understand why people says that Full Package is too expensive:

    "I... Feel a little dead inside"
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